Child Meals Program

Some places like the MCSD and a couple local businesses have already stepped up to help provide basic lunches to children, mostly Monday through Friday at lunch time. Our goal with this is to find days, times and places that others are not doing and to get more food to more kids that may be going hungry with parents out of work.

How to Participate

You pick a day and time frame, ideally this would increase our coverage in either area, day or time. While you can choose to do as many days as you wish, we are asking just a single day and time frame. You would pick the meal option(s) and anyone wanting said meal for a kid can get one by asking.


It is a tough for many, if you need sponsors and donors to cover the cost of said meals, we would work with locals to try to get that funding. We would like to know an estimate of how many dollars would feed how many kids. For example, $5 will feed 2 kids (i.e. pizza and a drink)

We will do what we can to get the word out and help you in any way we can. We will be asking people to donate to your restaurant personally as well as collecting funds for those that want to give to your restaurant through an online platform.

Find the list of participating locations here.

Interested in participating? email us at